Contento Celerify Juicing Diary

For 5 consecutive days, I drank 250ml of organic celery juice on an empty stomach and waited 30 minutes before eating anything else.

My skin is more hydrated and looks healthier overall

“It was surprisingly magical”

“My health was transformed in as little as one week” 

Day 1: I was really excited to try the juice and see if it will help make my skin better. At the time, I was having some problems with my skin, I tried so many skincare products but it didn’t really help. The juice didn’t taste the best but thought it will be worth it if it helps with my skin. On the first day, I didn’t feel much but it did help with constipation.

Day 2: Same routine as day 1, I had 250ml of the juice on an empty stomach. Today, I feel good after drinking. The side effect I had after a few hours is that it induced a bowel movement. I did some research and found out this is normal as celery juice is high in mannitol which causes digestive side effects like this.  

Day 3: I work up with lots of energy (I think it might be because of the celery juicing), my mood was good. On an empty stomach, I drank the juice. For some reason, I started to not mind the taste of it.

Day 4: Today, I noticed that my digestion was improved and started to not crave for sugary snacks which I usually do in the afternoon. I also noticed that my digestion improved. I asked my nutritionist about this and she mentioned that celery juice contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and fibre which help with digestive issues.

Day 5: On the last day of juicing, per usual, I had 250ml of juice. Weirdly, I’ve started to like the taste. The impact I noticed is that I felt my skin was a lot more glowing and hydrated. Overall, my skin was improved. I was very surprised by the positive result of the juicing as I only did it for 5 days. It really worked for me so I’ve started to do 5 days of juicing every month to detox and maintain a glowing & hydrated skin.


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